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Review Of Nipah Virus

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During the coronavirus lockdown in India, several films were released on various platforms that affected some viruses’ spread. Several films like Patient Zero, Contagion, I Am Legend, 28 Days Later, Zombieland is an award-winning blockbuster film centered on a deadly virus. You can watch these films to relate to the situation at present so, if you want to watch some Telugu movies online that are about viruses, you should watch the film Nipah Virus. 

Nipah Virus is a Malayalam film released in 2019, and it is set upon the real incident of the Nipah Virus outbreak of 2018 in Kerala. This film is a medical thriller directed and co-produced by Aashiq Abu along with another producer Rima Kallingal. The story was written by MuhsinParari, Sharfu, and Suhas. SushinShyam gave the film’s music, Rajeev Ravi did the cinematography, and SaijuSreedharan did Shyju Khalid and its editing. You should watch Telugu movies online like Nipah Virus to have hope for humanity.

The film features actors like KunchackoBoban as Dr. Suresh Rajan, ParvatiThiruvotha as Dr. Annu, Tovino Thomas as Paul V. Abraham in the leading roles. There were many supporting actors like Indrajith Sukumaran as Dr. Baburaj, Asif Ali as Vishnu Bhaskaran, Revathi as CK Prameela; minister of health and social welfare, PoornimaIndrajith as Dr. SmrithyBhaskar, Rahman as Dr. Salim, Rima Kallingal as nurse Akhila, SoubinShahir as Unnikrishnan, Zakariya Mohammed as Zakariya, SreenathBhasi as Dr. Abid Rahman, Joju George as Babu, Madonna Sebastian as Dr. Sara Yakub, DileeshPothan as Prakashan, Indrans as Razak, RamyaNambeeshanasRaji and many more. There are so many characters in this film because this film projects each patient and their family members’ story.

The story is about the Nipah Virus that has spread in Kerala’s Kozhikode district. The film starts with Zakariya Mohammed, who is brought into the Government Medical College of Kozhikode. He is infected with an unknown disease, and symptoms are also unknown. However, the patient dies after a few hours of being infected by the unknown virus. Two nurses caring for the patient get infected, and both are isolated in the hospital. More cases start pouring in from the area, and Dr. Saleem does a check-up on Zakariya’s father, Razak, and some symptoms of poisoning and

Japanese encephalitis are noted. Upon checking the samples of Zakariya’s sister, the doctors confirm that it is Nipah Virus.

The second phase of the film deals with how the government and the doctors isolate the new patients and control the spread of the virus. The film also displays the real-life experiences of patients who were affected by the Nipah Virus in 2018. You should watch this virus movie online because it speaks about what happened in reality. Also, you can expect brilliant performances, zero nonsensical elements, beautiful stories with highly emotional moments, and an informative ending.

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