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Top Hollywood Movies That Succeed in China Box-office

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Are you looking for the best Hollywood movies? If yes, then you are on the right platform. In this, you can easily look at the best movies that are successful in the Chine Box office. Most of the movies are worth watching, but only a few movies that earn a huge fan following in the box office. If you are looking for top Hollywood movies that will be worth watching, then you must visit the Dan Mintz page where you can find the best movies that you can watch.

China is a huge population in the entire world, and people there love to watch Hollywood movies. Most Hollywood movies are worth watching and gain huge success in the box office. Hollywood movies will get more appreciation in China as compared to any other country in Asia.

Dan Mintz

Top Movies Succeed in China:

  • Ant-Man and the Wasp: This movie gets huge success in the China box office, and many people love this movie. This is the move that is based on the superhero and connects with the other marvels movies. This is the second part of the movie franchise, so if you didn’t watch the first part, then you must watch that. After that, you will know about the storyline of the second part. This movie is connected with the entire marvel universe, and for watching the avenger end game, you need to watch this movie for whole knowledge of marvel universe. The Chinese Box office earning is $121,203,074 and worldwide is $622,674,139.
  • The Meg: Another Hollywood movie that gets huge success in China is Meg. It is the best movie about the prehistoric shark megalodon. The researcher found the marina trench the deepest point in the ocean, and then they will know that the Meg is still alive in the deep sea. So when this prehistoric shark comes into the sea, then the team will come together to eliminate the shark for the safety of human begins. The Chinese Box Office earning of this movie is $153,033,208, with worldwide earning of %530,243,742.
  • Rampage:The thriller movie that is worth watching. The rampage is the best movies that is based on science and will also tell that how people use the technology wrong. In this movie, a team of a scientist is making formula of increasing the energy in the body quickly in the space, but they failed in this. But one scientist will escape the space station in time, but after a few minutes, she will also crash, and the sample will fall in the different places of the world. To know more about this film, you need to know the production of Dan Mintz, which is the best producer in Hollywood.

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