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One of the best Telugu movie by Tovino Thomas

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OTT platforms have been a sigh of relief in this pandemic. Why? Because they have kept entertainment alive. When theaters and cinema halls were shutting down, OTT platforms gave Indian audiences a chance and hoped to watch Indian movies online. It is still and will continue to be the viewer’s choice because they are streaming everything the viewers want.

Tollywood has always been loved all over India. From offering movies and shows in different genres to delivering quality performance in acting, there is no doubt that Tollywood ranks best for the Indian film industry. But due to the pandemic, the entertainment industry was at the edge of a halt. Thanks to OTT platforms like aha, which didn’t let that happen. OTT platforms were also in demand before the globe was stuck with the virus due to the comfort it offers. For any viewer to watch Telugu new movies, aha is the perfect place. For Indian movies online, especially if one wants to watch Telugu new movies, aha has excellent and worthy Telugu language content to offer.

One such mind-blowing movie streaming on aha for its viewer is Forensic. The film is a murder mystery thriller. The movie was released on the 28th of February, 2020, and is co-written and co-directed by Anas Khan and Akhil Paul. The movie cast includes Tovino Thomas, Reba Monica John, DhaneshAnand, SaijuKurup, Mamta Mohandas, and RenjiPanicker. The film is said to be one of the best movies of Tonvio Thomas because of his versatile acting and the plot of the story.

The story is about a forensic team led by medico-legal advisor John Katookarana (performed by Tovino Thomas), who sets on a mission to search for a serial killer on the happening of certain continuous and alike mannered murders. During the mission, the teams come across various secrets and truths, leading them to some culprits and their reason for involvement in these murders. However, the team’s real challenge is to find the mastermind behind the murders and prove guilt. The forensic team leader John, however, with his wit, finds clues and gets his hand on the real mastermind. Also, he finds a way to prove his guilt even though his DNA wasn’t matching with the culprit’s DNA found on crime scenes due to a bone marrow transplant. It is also depicted in the movie that the mastermind of the murders is a psychopath who killed his father. The movie is embodied with twists and turns, and every part when it is unveiled leaves the audience surprised.

Aha is the platform that serves its users with quality content to watch. One can watch new Telugu movies online and have a great time. To watch Indian movies online has always been a fun ride. The current subscribers are enjoying most of their time with Aha. If you search for Indian movies online and want to watch Telugu’s new movies, it’s time to subscribe, aha, right now! You can watch forensic movie online on aha app. Happy watching!

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