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Capturing Your Every Special Moment with a Wedding Cinematographer

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It’s crucial to capture everything on every special occasion in your life. A simple photograph would suffice for some, but videos are now the thing of the future. It allows you to see what was happening during the event, especially at your own wedding. We always gush whenever we see a short video of these types of occasions, but why not make it more professional with sydney wedding cinematography? Even though it’s an added expense, it’s worth it if you have the budget to spend on your big day. Here are some reasons why you need a cinematographer here.

Capturing Movement & Sound

Having a professional cinematographer during your special day makes everything better since they can capture every movement and sound. Instead of a photo of your dad during your first dance, it’s better to watch a video of it because it will make you realize how happy your family was during that day. And since you were probably busy during your wedding due to everything happening at once, you get to look back with fondness while seeing your cousin’s crazy dance moves and all the well-wishes your loved ones gave you during their speeches. Of course, the photos are great. But videos are much better.

Sydney Wedding Video - Christina & James - Pier One, Sydney Harbour -  YouTube

Creating an Emotional Video for You

Cinematographers will initially get the raw footage of your wedding. However, most of them will create an emotional video that perfectly encapsulates what you felt during your special day. It’s like a mini-movie, which you and your spouse will watch to have a little laugh, some tears, and more. It’s like watching a fairytale movie, with you and your spouse as the lead actors. These movies will tell the story of your wedding from start to finish. So indeed, expect to see some behind-the-scenes that you probably can’t remember happening.

Expect to See Things You May Have Not Noticed on Your Wedding Day

Another reason why you’ll want to hire a professional videographer is that they will make sure to take videos of everything that’s happening around you. Of course, you may not notice what’s happening all the time since the spotlight is on you. But they will take a video of that for you, which you will have fun watching when you get the videos. For instance, you can watch your bridesmaids gushing on you while you say, “I do.” Or you won’t see what’s happening while they’re walking down the aisle before you. Fortunately, a video can capture all that for you!

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